“I think I should see other bands…”


I am a serial monogamous.

But this blog isn’t about relationships. At least not of the romantic variety.

I move from one serious musical obsession to another. Everyone has been a meaningful and life-changing experience, and often a commitment unto itself, but when one fizzles out, another is sure it take its place.

First came John Mayer back in his days of writing pop hits such as “Your Body Is A Wonderland” and “No Such Thing”.

Then McFly, the British pop/rock band that still holds my personal title of “Favorite Band of All Time”.

Taylor Swift, the country sweetheart turned international pop superstar, first captured my admiration with her first single”Tim McGraw”, but rocked my world to its core when she debuted “1989” with its pop super hits.

Then, of course, my most recent obsession, the one whose recent absence can still be felt in my cold, cold heart. One Direction. That British boyband beloved (and despised) by many. I’m sure you might have noticed a pattern by now: I love pop music.

I won’t get into the common oppositions to modern pop music (at least today), but the fact of the matter is, for better or for worse, these bands and many others like them have been a source of happiness and comfort over the years.

Even so, there comes a time when you have to branch out. Broaden your horizons. Walk to the beat of a different drummer.

In an effort to listen to listen to more new music, I started constructing a playlist of new music every month. This playlist is compiled from friends suggestions, picks from the radio that I immediately liked, and some throwback favorites. The original idea was just that I would have a fun mix of new and old music to jam to in the car. But then occasionally  I would become motivated to delve deeper into a new bands discography. And so began a fresh journey of musical discovery.

This blog will be documenting my discoveries as I slowly branch out from my mainstream roots. Could this new artist be my next big obsession or just another personal one-hit wonder?

Stay tuned for the hits and the misses as Pop Diversifies.

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