I am a fan.

I think one of lives greatest struggles is really learning about yourself. It seems inconsequential at any given moment as we forge our way through our day to day, that is until we’re suddenly told to “tell me about yourself,” in that dream job interview or writing up that online dating profile. Suddenly we have to find a way to define our little intricacies into one concise snapshot.

There is really only one thing I can say without any sort of hesitance.

I am a fan.

I lose my composure completely when one of my favorite artists comes on unexpectantly in public. I’ve traveled arguably insane distances for concerts. Imported CDs and singles from overseas just to have something tangible to hold and I believe my favorite feeling in the world is getting to tune in the radio and listen to the world debut of a new song from one of my favorite artists.

This blog highlights that feeling, while also expanding into new frontiers.

I hope these things will resonate with readers of this blog.

I hope to share and celebrate our favorites while being open to discovering something new.

Are you a mega-fan of any particular bands or artists? What makes your favorite so special to you?

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