Artist Profile: Jared & The Mill

Before I began this new journey to musical expansion, I had to tackle one problem in particular. How would I find new music?

When I discovered the My New Music Mix curated by Apple Music, I knew that it would become a valuable resource. The playlist refreshes every Friday with songs Apple Music thinks I will like based on my play history. It can be pretty hit or miss (emphasize the miss), but it certainly takes some of the work out of searching for new material.

The first major hit I discovered thanks to Apple Music was a band called Jared & The Mill.

Jared & The Mill is a Western Indie Rock/Folk band based out of Phoenix, Arizona; a setting so prominent in the band’s hearts that it can be heard in every song.

The band looks and sounds as if they fit just as well in a bar as they do in an arena. Each song consisting of captivating and catchy melodies, lively rhythms, and a traditional folk instrumentation is expertly crafted in ways that make each song unique.

I don’t listen to much Country or Folk these days, but discovering this band opened my eyes to genres that I have been long overlooking.

To date, Jared & The Mill have 3 records including one full-length and 2 EPs.

I listened to the releases in reverse-chronological order. Starting with their 2016 EP “Orme Dugas,” and finishing with their one full-length release “Western Expansion.”

Hearing their progression in reverse was an unorthodox way to hear how far they have come.

Every release has had something to offer, but their later releases grabbed my attention with more urgency whereas “Western Expansion” took a little longer to grow on me.

I had mentioned the significance of their hometown of Pheonix, Arizona earlier. Now, I’ve never been to the city myself, but their passion for their home has played an unprecedented highlight for me and their music. So many of their songs come tinged with just a little touch of the heartache that comes from the gratefully homesick. It’s a bittersweet tone that resonated deeply with me.

A bittersweet tone for a bittersweet life.
Jared and The Mill’s music can be found on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Jared and The Mill on the web:









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