Mainstream Monday: John Mayer’s “A Search For Everything: Wave One”

I am a long-time fan of John Mayer, so when he announced his return to pop music last year, I was pumped to see what he would bring forward after 2 albums that were very different from the sound that had made him famous.

Just after the new year, John Mayer announced that he would be breaking the mold for his upcoming release. He would be releasing the album four songs at a time every month and with that, Wave One hit streaming sites on January 20.

I’ll admit, it took me a while to get around to listening to Wave One. Something about the incomplete release seemed to suspend my enthusiasm as if the limited release made it illegitimate and so I simply kept forgetting that there even WAS new John Mayer music to listen to. However, once I remembered and took a listen, I was very pleased and reinvigorated for more.

Moving On and Getting Over

Moving On and Getting Over reminds me of a more subtle and subdued version of one of my favorite John Mayer songs to date, “Perfectly Lonely” from his 2009 release “Battle Studies”. I think this might be my favorite track from the four released in Wave One. The chattering guitar reminds me of why I’ve loved him as a guitarist for so long.



This song about embracing the fact that we are ever-changing and growing as people calls back to more recent releases such as “I Will Be Found (Lost At Sea)” from “Paradise Valley”. A release that took on a more folk timber, this tracks influence speak to the fact that John Mayer’s music truly is always changing.

Love On The Weekend

My impression of this record so far is an amalgamation of new JM and old, this one reminding me very much of a much older record. This reverb-infused tune takes me back to the warm and fuzzy vibes from “Heavier Things”, especially the song “Clarity” and it’s sparse, but impactful piano lead.

You’re Gonna Live Forever in Me

This Paul Newman influenced track is a soulful piano ballad accompanied by subtle, swelling strings below a flowing melody and poetic lyrics.

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