Pop Oddessy: Cher Lloyd Returns

By Jackie Goff

Cher Lloyd is another testament that British talent shows actually have a far better chance to produce musicians who go on to have to have a career in music, unlike their American counterparts (Kelly and Carrie aside, winners don’t go very far).

In fact, Cher Lloyd didn’t even WIN the UK X-Factor, but came in FOURTH and still put out two full-length albums (now name a fourth runner-up in ANY series. I’ll wait.).

Lloyd’s first album “Sticks and Stones” was released in November 2011 to mixed-to-positive reviews. Fun and infectious, Lloyd’s debut has enough charisma to carry the album. With one notable exception… I’m sorry, Cher…


The stand out track from the album is the third single from the record, “Want U Back.” This is the kind of song that makes me crank the car volume to near dangerous levels and sing along dramatically. Honestly. It’s embarrassing. At least I know I’m not alone. Consider this text exchange with my best friend…


“I Wish” (feat. T.I) was a single that preceded Lloyd’s second record “Sorry I’m Late.” I have a love/hate relationship with this song, which has solid retro-styled synth trumpet hooks with an infectious beat and deliciously sing-along-able melody, but the lyrics…

Yikes… Lloyd said in an interview with The Guardian that the song is “about being cool with insecurities,” but it hardly comes across that way.  It speaks less about accepting yourself, and more about changing your fundamental features to better attract the attention of a man. Not a message I particularly endorse.

More so, T.I’s bridge is a nightmare. Besides using the term “retarded” (not here for it in 2018), as well the lines “you like to run your mouth, well you about to learn a lesson, girl” (what the fuck T.I.?) and “you the one but I’ll replace you in a second, girl” (what a charmer). Basically, by T.I., I just feel gross.

I thought it was a pipe dream. It had been years since “Sorry I’m Late,” and I had reason to believe that the ride was over. But Monday, Oct. 22, I was shaken from my slumber to see it had happened… Cher Lloyd had released a new single. But would it be in preparation for an album, or would this be just another disappointing pitstop on the way in obscurity? Only time will tell, but I’m hoping the former. 

“None Of My Business” is more restrained than her exaggerated persona of albums past, which could be a sign of maturity after being absent from the scene for four years. Though the song,  about pettily stalking her ex and his new girlfriend on Instagram, suggests we’re still up to the same pop game, just in the 2018 style. Perhaps it’s the influence of German production company Hitimpulse (Kygo, Ellie Goulding, Steve Aoki), with whom Lloyd has been collaborating.

Regardless, I’m here for more.

Jackie Goff can be reached at popdiversifies@gmail.com, or on Twitter at @JackieMaeMusic

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